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Why should you consider me as a tutor for yourself or for your siblings or children?

  1. 100% success rate, all my students in last 2 years have passed their exams,
  2. 100% satisfaction rate, all my students and their parents are extremely happy with my tuition
  3. 2 grades higher performance after my tuition
  4. I am DBS checked, and have a DBS certificate
  5. Fast learning: Due to being a 1:1 tuition arrangement, students’s queries are resolved faster and they learn faster, covering wide area of topics each session
  6. Exam preparation: I have also helped many students to prepare for their exams in short period of intense sessions, where we only do past exam questions practice
  7. Bulk booking discount: I give 1 hour free for every 10 hours booked in a single booking
  8. Group discount: I also offer group discounts for sessions where there are more than 1 student
  9. I consider my students’ achievements as my own achievements. So, I do my tutor job with complete dedication and commitment.
  10. All of my students have a much better understanding and confidence level in their subjects after my tuition.