My Maths Mentors

Till now, I have received 20 testimonials for my Maths and Accountancy tuition, including for online sessions. The testimonials speak for themselves about the quality level of tuition that I am providing.

For Accountancy

“Nitisha, thank you so much for you help and support you have provided me in the last 4 months! I went from having little accounting knowledge to being able to pass my first ACCA exam and now preparing for my second one! Your dedication, professionalism and work ethic is commendable. I will definitely be reccomending your services to my friends!” (Lorraine Amoako, ACCA student for Financial Accounting(F3))

I am so pleased to have found Nitisha who has helped my son enormously with his accountancy modules at University. She takes a lot of time and trouble to prepare for his tuition sessions and explains things simply and carefully so that he has a much better understanding of this difficult subject. She is also kind, flexible and patient and I would highly recommend her…” (Nicky Maxton, mother of one of my Degree Accounting students, Milo Maxton, studying in Newcastle University)

I was lucky enough to secure tuition from Nitisha, she was fantastic throughout the short time I had building up to my exam. The subject of Managerial Accounting is not an easy one! But she made everything straight forward and understanding in the short time I had with her – highly recommend her service to all.
Thanks Nitisha you were a great help!” (Gasim Ahmed Gasim, Degree Accounting student from Kingston University)

Have currently had 6/12 hours that I have booked in with Nitisha, and they have been going great.
Had doubts about my ability to complete areas of work that I was struggling with, but Nitisha explains and works through problem questions with me to boost my understanding and capability in answering the questions.
Would recommend to anybody looking for a tutor, especially in accounting as that is what I am doing.” (James Pilszak, 2nd year Degree Accounting student in The University of the West of England)

Really helpful tuition lessons! Highly recommend for people who need guidance of all levels as clear explanations taught!” (Sophie Daniel, Degree Accounting student of 1st year in The Edinburgh University, UK, for my tuition for Cost Accounting)

“Hi Nitisha. Happy to inform you that my son passed his Accounting exams. Thanks for the hard work you put in over a short time frame to get him confident and ready. Thanks also for keeping me updated …” (Kenneth Pereira, father of one of my online A-Level Financial Accounting students, Nicholas, student of Bellerbys College)

Nitisha is a great teacher, who made me interested in the subject I found boring. She is very friendly and patient. Nitisha does her best to make me understand topic I find hard. I need to mention that I had and do have many online tutors and only she has such a serious approach to preparation before our session, so everything goes smoothly and quickly!! Thank you Nitisha!!” Subject A-Level Accounting. (Marina Lotakowa, one of my A-Level Accounting students from Russia, studying in MillField School, UK)

Nitisha has helped me prepare for my exams. She made things so simple to understand and remember. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody. She actually cares for her student and is ready to get to her students level to make sure that they have fully understood everything. Thank you very much Nitisha.” (Flory, one of my Degree Accounting students from Kingston University)

Nitisha was able to target my key difficulties and helped me understand them as well as master them in a very little period of time. She has a great sens of teaching and a large amount of knowledge. I would definitely recommend her as I managed to pass my exam with only a few hours of tutoring. I hope to work with her any time soon. Worth every penny spent, a big thank you Nitisha” (Antoine, one of my Degree Accounting students from Royal Holloway University)

Nitisha is a friendly and patient teacher who was able to teach me a wide range of material in the subject of accounting in very little time. In just a week Nitisha was able to understand and combat my weaknesses in the subject. When I was failing badly Nitisha was able to turn things around quickly and help me pass a difficult exam in my 1st year at uni. Thank you Nitisha! 🙂” (Caroline, one of my Degree Accounting students from Royal Holloway University)

It helped me to understand the topics very well since I wasn’t that good at accounting. Nitisha is really good at putting topics into practice so you can comprehend the course in a very fun and productive way.” (Yigitsoy, one of my Degree Accounting students from Royal Holloway University)

Hello. This is a message to let everyone know what a great tutor Nitisha was. If anyone is thinking about getting a tutor to help with their studies I would definitely recommend Nitisha. She helped me with accountancy but I gather she does maths as well. Nitisha was very patient with me and clearly has very in-depth knowledge. I ended up getting a better grade than I expected. Nitisha was also very accommodating being able to fit around my work and family commitments. We did our sessions over Skype which worked well. Thank you very much Nitisha!” (Philip, one of my Degree Accounting students from Open University)

We used Nitisha for a series of intensive revision tutorials for my daughter`s first accountancy exams. Nitisha was extremely professional. She was patient in understanding individual learning style to bring about confidence and well prepared for each session. I would recommend her.” (Fiona, mother of one of my ICAEW students)

For Maths

“My son is in year 9 and benefited immensely from Nitisha. She taught him in a way that he understood and he is much more confident now. We are very happy to have found a Tuitor who is very passionate and understands the child’s needs. Thank you Nitisha.”(Meeta, mother of one of my year 9 students, Arran)

“I have taken few lessons from Nitisha for my Numerical Reasoning tests for a new job. She has excellent clarity of concepts, explains very well how to analyse data and get maximum information from the graphical presentation of various information. She has also polished my skills in the areas of fractions, decimals and percentages. In the last few weeks, we have solved many exercises on Business Maths and I feel very confident for my tests after her classes. She is very patient and encouraging.” (Sonia, one of my students for Numerical Reasoning tests)

My son started with Nitisha only a few months ago. I took him for the lessons because he struggled with decimals, percentages and fractions, since then he’s grown in confidence and can give you and to any questions you throw at him. My son is very happy so am I. Thank you very much Nitisha.” (Mary, mother of one of my year 5 students)

My son started off very reluctantly but is actively participating and enjoying maths now. Nitisha is a brilliant, patient, understanding tutor!” (Janet Corrigan, mother of one of my Year 5 students)

Nitisha has been tutoring my son with weekly lessons for his SATS for approximately 2 months now. She is thorough, explains well and listens to his feedback about his understanding. Over the weeks she has carefully gone through all the things that he was unsure of. He feels much more confident now about his maths and I have seen a significant improvement in the results of his recent SATS tests. I would highly recommend her.” (Catherine, mother of one of my year 6 students)

We are very pleased with Nitisha. My daughter felt very comfortable from the first day and she is now progressing well. She is enjoying her Maths tuition. Thank you Nitisha.” (Mohamed, father of one of my year 5 students)

Nitisha is very calm and professional, she makes sure she is aware of the full curriculum and plans here lessons accordingly. I highly recommend….” (Melanee, one of my year 6 students)

My son Rohan (7 years) started Maths tuition with Nitisha a few months ago. I am really pleased with the progress he has made with learning his timetables, square numbers, square roots, single and double column addition and subtraction. The one to one tuition with Nitisha has really boosted his confidence and is giving him a good grounding. Rohan is much happier and enjoys maths.” (Harinder, mother of one of my year 2 students)